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Hefa innovative

hefa is a pioneer in the field of refrigerated cabinet construction. What is that? Everything that deals with refrigeration in the gastronomy, for example cooling counters. Counters from which we enjoy a cool drink after work or a wine vending machine for those of us who prefer a nice red wine. And if we want to rise above ourselves again, we design a chocolate kebab on the side.  So we are many things - but certainly not boring. On the market, we are distinguished above all by our patent, the "plug-snap system", which distinguishes us from all our competitors and enables us to fulfil almost every wish of our customers. This makes work in the hefa exciting and varied.

Gastro concepts

A solution for every sector

We don't want to offer you just a product, we want to offer you a whole solution.

Latest News

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Salvagnini x hefa

In order to constantly improve the quality of our products, we have chosen a Salvagnini bending machine.

Since September 2020 we have a new member in our production, the Salvagnini P2 Lean. In this great partnership, an image video has been created showing our production with its latest achievement.

Have fun watching it!


Trend color black: timeless and more popular than ever

Our new black counter series Moreno is not just a temporary trend. To call black merely a trendy color would be a gross understatement. Black combines so many attributes, it can give your object a sense of drama, elegance, minimalism, modern, classic and so many other styles. But one thing all of these attributes have in common is that they make your object unique and special. Because no color can be used as versatile as black.


Update work during Covid-19

In times of a pandemic, there is a great deal of uncertainty about what processes still work normally in daily business.

hefa as your cooling counter supplier is fully available for you. All already placed orders are manufactured on schedule and are ready for delivery on time. For inquiries and new orders, our sales department is there for you in changing staffing. Order processing and engineering are also available to our customers without restrictions. Also we cannot promise that materials will be fully available in the long run. But we are well prepared and have stocked up on sensitive components such as digital controllers in good time.